Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Unexpected Apprentice / Jody Lynn Nye

An Unexpected Apprentice


Jody Lynn Nye

published by Tor / Tom Doherty, New York in 2007
read in April 2009
I don't know the series... but it is clearly, "to be continued" !

Chick lit fantasy... As I started reading I thought, okay, the heroine is called “Tildi Summerbee”... this is really going to be warm and fuzzy. Then all of her family was killed by flying demons. Still, the rest of the book was more in style: female heroes, all sweet and kind – or understandably troubled and gruff. An easy & enjoyable read. Just one section grated: One of the few male characters was at a betrothal ceremony. He was very clearly about to see a distant problem and run off, abandoning his fiancĂ©e... So why were so many chapters devoted to the ceremony!? Ended satisfactorily: One quest done, now for the next... I had been worried that it was heading for a pointless cliffhanger.

Agamedes' rating: 6 out of 10

Amazon claims that this book is for sale for just one cent!?! Follow the link and find if it's for real...

And if you liked An Unexpected Apprentice -- you could also buy A Forthcoming Wizard. Okay, I wouldn't buy it myself -- the Apprentice was not that great -- but I would read it free from a library. If warm & fuzzy fantasy is your thing -- go for it!

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