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Change Your Thinking / Sarah Edelman

Change Your Thinking

category: self help, author:

Sarah Edelman

original copyright 2006

read in Feb 2011

Agamedes' opinion: 7 out of 10

"I'll be depressed forever." If that's you -- then get some professional help. That is one clear and helpful message from this book. Beyond that...

The back cover of this book sets the scene with that "depressed" statement. It then says that, "Change Your Thinking is the bestselling practical and reassuring guide to overcoming self-defeating thoughts and behaviour." I can't speak for the "bestselling". I can accept the rest of that claim... Note that I wrote "accept" and not "support" -- I am no expert in this field.

As I read the book -- an hour or so each evening on a too-long stay away from home -- I found that it was reassuring. I'm not a person to slavishly follow. I prefer to question and restate. Yet just reading this book did make me think, my life is not too bad at all...

And now -- dredging my memories of ten months ago -- I still carry a positive opinion of this book. From what I remember:

There are explanations of various types of "bad thinking". You experience a minor setback and you see a major disaster. Check what you see and it may fit one of the books standard misconceptions. Now write down a more realistic view of what has just happened... More realistic and probably (hopefully!) more positive.

The aim is to see your life as it is. Perhaps not through rose-tinted glasses. Certainly not through the dark grey glasses of depression.


Depression is a clinical state. There are professionals who specialise in treating depression. Change Your Thinking offers help for people with severe depression -- with the clear proviso that, if symptoms continue, see your doctor... The author is selling help, not a snake oil panacea. It's an honest and sensible approach.

I'm not a slavish follower. I didn't do the exercises, I just read the book. It was still worthwhile.

The book explains why we can get into the habit of being negative. It explains the loose thinking by which we make mountains of misery out of the minor molehills of life. Understand your loose thinking and you can gain a better perspective.

Apply the exercises and you should get even more benefit.

And as the book tells you -- if you are still depressed, see a professional.

All good advice.

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